Eco Soapr: The World’s First Dispenser for Bar Soaps

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Eco Soapr: Get more with less. Less pollution, mess, or waste.

The Future of Clean


The Dirt on Liquid Soap

Most of the Liquid soap are an environment train wreck for both the environment and our bodies.

  • Liquid soaps is 90% water that needs to be shipped around.
  • Tiny fraction of packaging is recycled.
  • It is much more expensive than bar soap.
  • Full of chemicals and solvents that could be harmful.

How it Works

Eco Soapr is built on top of established and proven technologies with no excesses or over engineering (sorry guys, no blinking lights). All you need to worry about is to keep it busy.


Wet your hands


Dispense soap flakes


Lether’em Up!


Brag about it

Eco Soapr

Come back soon to see it here.

Eco Friendly

Helps reduce plastic pollution from bottles and other packaging

Less Mess

Eliminates the melty, slimy mess that comes with bar soaps

Saves Money

ar soap is is about 10 times cheaper to use than liquid soaps. Eco Soapr allows you to use 100% of your precious bar.

4 Ways Bar Soap Beats Liquid Soap:

0 1

Minimal Packaging

0 2

Lasts Longer

0 3

Cost Effective

0 4

No Pollution

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""Eco Soapr fits very well with the image we want to project.""

"I run an Eco friendly vacation rental business in the Pocono Mountains and Eco Soapr would be a great feature in our bathrooms and near the kitchen sinks for the customers to get into the spirit of the surroundings.”

Igor Ch

- Owner/Operator

Bold and Beautiful

  • One hand operation
  • Quiet
  • Durable materials
  • Elegant design
  • Countertop or wall placement
  • Works with your favorite soap bar

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